Authentic Murano Glass


Fornace Mian is not only glass. It is a historical furnace where the glass-making tradition is carried on by the passion of the masters and their love for glass which has been handed down for generations.

It is Murano that makes every glass object prestigious, and this synergy enhances the brilliance of the island, making Vetro artistico di Murano he most renowned worldwide for its purity and artistic shape.

The most prestigious works stem from the imagination of the glass makers, sought-after and coveted more than anything else.

They are the recipients of all their skill and passion. They are not just objects but real works of art that deserve special consideration because people who own them capture a piece of Murano’s history.

The brand “Vetro Artistico” was created to preserve this tradition and ensure the originality of the pieces; this guarantee certifies that the work is unique and stems from the passion of master glassmakers in the oldest and most prestigious furnace of Murano.

Fornace Mian guarantees its production by signing each item with a diamond tip, attaching a certificate of authenticity to each product and labeling it with the brand Vetro Artistico di Murano.